5 Books That Will Change Your Life

It has been said that, “leaders are readers.” If you want to continue to grow in your leadership, you must remain teachable and allow yourself to learn from others.

Over the past 5 years I have been influenced greatly by 5 books (in addition to the Bible ūüôā¬†). I find myself going back to these books repeatedly to glean evermore understanding and insight. I thought I would share them with you.

Doing Church¬†by Alexander Venter:¬†I know, this book is much older than five years. However, I find it to be the most valuable resource whenever starting a new church or¬†multisite. I‚Äôve given away hundreds of copies to potential Vineyard pastors as well as people on my staff to gain a deeper understanding of who we are and where we’re going. No other book comes close to fulfilling this niche in our literature.

The Cure¬†by Bill Thrall and others:¬†This little book is very insightful when it comes to our life as Christians. It poses this question–are you living in the house of good intentions or the house of grace? I think the answer will surprise most of you.

Destined To Reign by Joseph Prince: This book is outstanding in regard to teaching grace and righteousness. It deals with the issue of the work Jesus did at the cross as well as how it applies to our lives. It is a very positive book that gives a fresh perspective on Jesus as bigger, better and more beautiful.

The Gospel In 10 Words by Paul Ellis: This book is well-written as it covers 10 important words we commonly consider in our Bibles. It’s insightful, stretching, and delightfully inspiring as it weaves ? through a deeper understanding of the Bible

Understanding The Whole Bible by Jonathan Welton: The central theme of this book is understanding the covenants. I believe this book gives revelation and understanding that is vital to fully comprehending all that the kingdom of God has provided for us in this generation