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Do You Believe in Miracles?

By on August 11, 2016

Want to have an interesting conversation? Ask random people if they believe in miracles. You’ll get very different answers ranging from “of course” to “absolutely not”. In part, it has to do with world view. Said another way, it has to do with who we believe God is and who we are.

Great Movie

I recently had the privilege to watch “Miracles From Heaven” starring Jennifer Garner. It’s about a little girl with a rare disease who is miraculously healed following a 30 foot fall. The story is heartwarming, wholesome and miracle affirming. I highly recommend the movie to anyone who has in interest in this subject.

Toward the end of the movie they quoted Albert Einstein who said, “there are only two ways to live your life. One is though nothing is a miracle. The other is though everything is a miracle.” The quote caused me to stop and think. How do I react to that statement? How does the average person react?

No—I Don’t Believe!

There’s a large segment of the population, including many Christians who do not believe in miracles today. They believe, all things are explainable in some way or another through the natural realm and phenomena. In some ways, I feel sorry for these individuals because their life is so limited to the dimensions we can see, feel, taste, etc.

Yes—I Do!

Miracles have been extremely important in my life. I actually believe that everything in my life has been miraculous. Honestly, I didn’t think about that until I saw the quote. However, now, looking back, I believe the hand of God has directed so many things in miraculous ways that I am stunned. The miracles in my life are too many to count.

Most of you know the great miracle in the late 70’s in which our barreness was turned into fruitfulness through the birth of our 5 children. That one miracle was instrumental in changing my thinking for the rest of the time.

A Better Perspective

I suggest that we all consider everything miracles. First, it makes us much more aware of who God is. Second, it keeps us dependent on Him and allows us to walk more fully under His mantle and anointing. Third, it gives us an expectation of what that something good is just about to happen. We have great hope that nothing that looks bad is forever final—we believe in miracles.

As For Me

I intend to make a renewed effort to tell others that everything is a miracle. I believe God has plans and purposes for each of us that goes so far beyond anything we can ask or imagine that it will take a miracle to get there. Truly, the destiny of God for each of us is something very special. Let’s believe that God, working on our behalf, is the same miracle working God today as He was yesterday. Thank God we have a miraculous way to live.

Final Thought

I always enjoy writing these comments. If you enjoy them and find them helpful, please share them with your friends. Together we can start a new way of thinking and living.




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