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Hamilton, the musical

By on January 11, 2018

Hamilton, the Musical
Dianne and I had the privilege of attending the currently popular musical entitled Hamilton. It is a theatrical production about the life of Alexander Hamilton—a founding father of the USA. In a natural sense, it was a stunningly powerful production. In a spiritual sense, it gave me some insights for us as a church as we pursue the King and His Kingdom in 2018.

“Young, Hungry, Scrappy”
This line was used to describe the young leaders of the American Revolution. In particular, it was a clear representation of Alexander Hamilton during that time frame. It represented the attitude and lifestyle that was absolutely essential to throw off the bondage of England and become a free country. I believe it is also essential for us as we move into the future. 

The fact that America won the Revolution is a testimony to the intense commitment of the leaders and the people. They indeed epitomized “young, hungry, and scrappy” in their dealings with all-powerful England. As is famously stated by President John Adams, “We are committed to the Revolution with our honor, our fortunes, and our lives“. With this kind of commitment from the citizens of the colonies, it’s no wonder they achieved great things.

In the Kingdom, we face many of the same conditions. We have an oppressive enemy who wants to steal, kill and destroy. We, as a church, also want to be committed with our honor, our fortunes, and our lives. We have been assigned to make the King and His Kingdom famous as we bring freedom throughout the land. I believe our church needs the battle cry of “Young, Hungry, and Scrappy!” With such an attitude, we will see amazing things. When everyone is determined to do the assignment that God has given us (Acts 20:24), we will see victory after victory.

Take Your Shot!
Throughout the musical, Hamilton said another phrase over and over… “I won’t give up my shot. ” In other words, he knew that he had an opportunity before him. He did not want to die before he saw his part in the unfolding drama take place. I pray that this is the disposition of every believer who calls our church home—excited to “take their shot” in terms of advancing the Kingdom, bringing Heaven to Earth, and making Jesus famous.

Final Thoughts
As our church pursues the concept of being “young, hungry, and scrappy“, and we individually pursue “I won’t give up my shot“, amazing things are going to happen. It will be so much fun to watch what happens as 2018 unfolds. I’ll pray that we all come together, support each other, and pursue what God has given us to do.

Thanks for being part of a church family that loves, honors, and obeys the things that are Kingdom. May 2018 be our best year ever as we walk in the abundance of the Lord (John 10:10).


Hi and welcome! I'm Happy. My wife Dianne and I are the founders of the Vineyard Church of Central Illinois, a multi-site church with 6 campus locations. Over the last 30+ years, I have learned alot about leadership in life and leading a church. I have made some mistakes and had some successes. I look forward to sharing the wisdom I have learned with you. I strive everyday to see Jesus as bigger, better, and more beautiful. And I am wholeheartedly committed to the ministry Jesus promised his followers in John 14:12: to be able to do the same and greater works through the power of the Holy Spirit.

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