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Pastor Appreciation Month

By on October 17, 2016

Always Appreciated

Is there anyone in the world that doesn’t love to be appreciated? A kind word, a gift or a hug can lift the spirits of almost anyone in in any circumstance. Well, here is your perfect opportunity—October is Pastor Appreciation Month. This is a perfect opportunity to appreciate those who labor among you day in and day out as your pastors.

Not About Happy and Dianne

As the senior leaders of The Vineyard Church of Central Illinois, we are not writing this to encourage gifts to us. We have been very blessed and have felt appreciated by you over the years. We are writing this note completely on behalf of the 20 plus pastors that we oversee throughout our church. We have the amazing privilege of having them on our team and getting to see their gifts and anointing flowing out to you. Now we ask you to recognize them and show appreciation during this month.


God’s Gifts To Our Church

Ephesians 4 is very clear that pastors are one of the special gifts from Jesus Christ to His church. The job of the pastor is to build up and equip the church for works of ministry. It’s so precious to watch these men and women in action as they labor tirelessly to help you become all that you are called to be. This is a perfect time to say thank you.

Blessing You

Let me count some of the ways they bless you as a participant in the church. They share with you teachings from the Word, counsel you when you’re hurt, console you when you’re grief-stricken, and rejoice with you when you’ve had a victory. They organize, pray for us, and encourage us to keep going when everything seems absolutely impossible. They create vision, safe environments, and prepare us to be fruitful in every part of our lives. These aspects don’t even begin to consider all the times they spend in prayer, fellowship, and walking with us to make sure we get to the destination where we’re going.

Blessing Your Pastor

Many of you are way more creative than I am. However, here are a few ideas that will certainly bless those who are pastoring among us. Write a personal note about the impact they’ve had on your life. Get them a gift card to a restaurant they enjoy, to Starbucks, or even to a movie. Pastors always seem to love snacks—make a basket full of their favorite treat. Perhaps you could offer to babysit for him/her so that the pastor and spouse can have a fun evening alone. Even better, ask the Holy Spirit what He would have you do to bless and encourage your pastor.

All Year

I encourage you to use Pastor Appreciation Month as a starting point for showing love, concern and care for your pastors. However, I would like to see all of us lift up our pastors all year long. They’re wonderful people who have challenging tasks. Always remember their job is to serve you and help you become all that you can be in the eyes of God. Your role is to honor, bless, and cooperate with them as they lead you into the fullness of your destiny.

Final Thoughts

We are blessed to have so many good pastors throughout our campuses. If you know of a pastor (or a ministry director) that has really blessed you in one of the campuses, please show your appreciation during this month. (Once again, Dianne and I are not asking for anything more than a big hug during this month.) In addition to all of the above, let’s thank God continually for all the good men and women He has given to serve us.


Hi and welcome! I'm Happy. My wife Dianne and I are the founders of the Vineyard Church of Central Illinois, a multi-site church with 6 campus locations. Over the last 30+ years, I have learned alot about leadership in life and leading a church. I have made some mistakes and had some successes. I look forward to sharing the wisdom I have learned with you. I strive everyday to see Jesus as bigger, better, and more beautiful. And I am wholeheartedly committed to the ministry Jesus promised his followers in John 14:12: to be able to do the same and greater works through the power of the Holy Spirit.

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