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Standing On The Message

By on November 1, 2017

Tumultuous Time

In my lifetime, I have never seen a more chaotic time within our nation. From major hurricanes to racial division, mass murders and a major spirit of anger flowing everywhere. Without a rock-solid faith, this is a time people can lose hope. Fear rises to the point where people are paralyzed from being proactive. Certainly—these are not the times we dream about.

Everything is Shaking

Without question, our world is shaking at the very foundations. In fact the Bible states in Hebrews 12:27 that such a time will come upon us. As the shaking occurs, everyone is looking for answers. Certainly, science and education can offer some answers. However, only the Bible can answer solutions to all things. The Bible is our rock. Again, Hebrews says Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever. We know the Bible (the Written Word) and Jesus (the Living Word) are one in the same as Jesus never changes, we can rest assured that our Bible will stand through all these troubled times. It is an amazing source of comfort and help in times of need.

The Three “Ms”

In general, I view the Bible as revolving around the three words that start with M. Each are important and are sequential.

  • Message: The message (the word of God) never changes. It’s the same today as it was when it was delivered. Furthermore, it will be the same if Jesus waits to return for another 1000 years. It’s all about Jesus the King and His Kingdom. The Bible describes how Jesus came, born of a virgin, lived a sinless life, died for us, buried for us, raised for us, and resurrected into Heaven. When He entered Heaven He sent the Holy Spirit to fill us that believe forever. This will be true forever.
  • Market: The market in which we are ministering is changing rapidly. In reality, we have no influence over the market. It changes with times and seasons from country to country. For example, the market in America today is radically different today than it was 10 years ago. The market in some 3rd world countries is vastly different from America. We must take into account the various markets we encounter.
  • Methods: Because the market is changing, we can change the methods to bring the message (which is unchanging) into the lives of people. A great illustration is the use of technology. Technology has to do with the method, not the message. Using technology is neither good nor bad—it’s simply how we function today. However, in some countries without advanced technology, we would use still other methods.

Remember this: methods can change without causing tension. The message however never changes regardless of the time, place, or the market.


The Vineyard is built on the message of the King and the Kingdom.We know the King is present when the Kingdom starts to manifest in righteousness, peace, and joy through the Holy Spirit. These three issues will change our world in a heartbeat. The good news is that we first live it out ourselves and then we get to share it with our friends, neighbors, and colleagues.

Final Message Great Confidence

In the middle of all the shaking, I’m certain that the Lord has wonderful things planned for us. He has not deserted or abandoned us. He has simply given us His word which is a message “upon which we can stand”. It has stood the test of time for 2000 years and will stand the test until He returns to take us to be with Him forever. Let’s rejoice in what God has provided.

Final Thoughts

Thankfully God has sent His word. It’s a delight to know we have a solid rock that we can trust and depend on in times of trouble. Thanks for being part of a church family like this.



Hi and welcome! I'm Happy. My wife Dianne and I are the founders of the Vineyard Church of Central Illinois, a multi-site church with 6 campus locations. Over the last 30+ years, I have learned alot about leadership in life and leading a church. I have made some mistakes and had some successes. I look forward to sharing the wisdom I have learned with you. I strive everyday to see Jesus as bigger, better, and more beautiful. And I am wholeheartedly committed to the ministry Jesus promised his followers in John 14:12: to be able to do the same and greater works through the power of the Holy Spirit.

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