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By on August 27, 2018

Money Everywhere

To those who are uncomfortable with the topic of money, it has a habit of seeming to be right in front of them at all times. From the extreme of outrageously high salaries to the crushing poverty of those who live in great need and desperate situations, we are bombarded with money and its importance. Money has become one of the absolute indicators of the worth of other human beings. Clearly this is wrong and leads to a very ungodly perspective in all situations.

Not a Spiritual Topic?

Are you one who believes money has absolutely nothing to do with our present or our eternity? Are you one who believes that God doesn’t care if we are rich or poor? Do you even go so far as to believe God loves the poor more than the rich?

Actually, God loves the poor and the rich. He does have a big heart for the poor and wants those who have resources to give to the poor. However, if God doesn’t like the rich, He did a poor job of showing it through the Bible. The founders of the Jewish religion (Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob) were fabulously rich. Both King David and King Solomon were very wealthy. Jesus Himself had substantial wealth when you consider He supported 15 or more families. Wealth does not always mean big bank accounts, but it is having what you need when you need it. The idea that God prefers poor people over the rich has no biblical basis.

Our Negative Society

Our society adds to the problem by negatively speaking about those with wealth. Supposedly, they all became rich through greed, dishonesty, by hurting the poor, etc. This is very unfair to the many who are wealthy and yet very generous. This includes many committed believers who give sacrificially and have great hearts of generosity. However, the perception of our society skews our reality and leaves a negative impression. It’s almost become fashionable to “bash the rich.”

Yes, but what about…

Maybe you are one of those who has a huge heart for the poor. As a result, you might think any talk about abundance is unfair to those who have less. I encourage you to remember two things: First, God loves the poor as well as the rich. Second, God’s plan was for everyone to live in abundance and in relationship with Him. Unfortunately, Satan is out there stealing, killing, and destroying. God has assigned us the job of destroying the works of Satan and bringing people back into God’s original plan and purpose. Thus, God has a plan for the poor that is worked out through the inbreaking of the Kingdom of God.

More Help is Coming

Please plan on following these articles to the conclusion. I think you will receive substantial help. Another recommendation is to get the book by Robert Morris, entitled The Blessed Life. This book gives a God-centered, positive view of what it all looks like in His Kingdom.


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